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What causes Shin Splints when running?

In the store, I often get asked about Shin Splints.  "Shin Splints" is a generic name for lower leg discomfort - usually inflammation between the bone and skin in the shin area.  It is normally caused by one or a combination of three things - a lack of cushioning (shock absorption) in your existing running shoes, a lack of support to keep the ankles, knees and hips in alignment and/or finally, a change in intensity in your training programme.  (This can be a change of firmness of surface i.e. treadmill to road or a sudden increase in weekly mileage.)
Happily, though, with a new pair of well cushioned, (usually) supportive shoes and a look at the intensity, this infammation shjould subside and won't come back after a week to three weeks. 

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